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On your next holiday visit Spain

Once you feel you can’t handle daily problems anymore and routine takes over your life, you must necessarily go on a holiday. As every vacation must also be a relaxing time, you should visit Spain! This Iberian country has magnificent places to visit, the historical monuments will lead you to a different world and fun is guaranteed. Aside from the fact that Spain’s beaches are amazing; add the fabulous islands and the beautiful landscapes on the coasts, and this holiday will be your best holiday!

Why Playa Del Ingles?

Some of the most famous islands in Spain are the Canary Islands. The wonderful beaches and the clear sands will transform your vacation into a heavenly one; Playa Del Ingles is the most popular place here. It is a very crowded holiday resort, especially during the summer season. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the magnificent attractions that can be found here: there are plenty of bars, pubs and stalls that can offer you ice cream, beer, tapas and other snacks. Moreover, tourists love this part of the Canary Islands because it is very populated by young people. The nightlife here is dominated by the dance clubs; feel the Spanish music in your feet, drink a cocktail and party next to the Spanish people all night long.

Where to stay while in Playa Del Ingles?

With the passing of time, numerous hotels, villas and motels have appeared in this resort. It is necessary to book places months in advance, as it is a much visited holiday destination. The prices are for all budgets. On one hand, if you choose to stay in a very exclusive resort, you’ll pay a fortune for your holiday; on the other hand, if you choose a villa, or a more common hotel, you’ll save money for the other attractions of the beach. The landowners transformed the area into a very nice one: there are plenty of beautiful gardens, rare trees and large parks, where you can walk and feel the wind on your skin.

Be careful with the sun

If you choose this for your next holiday destination, then you should know that the sun shines stronger here, as we are very close to the hot African continent. Be sure that you always have water with you, wear a cap and use sun screen in order to avoid problems.

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Historical Valencia is worth a visit anytime

If you have tasted juicy sweet oranges from Valencia, you have already enjoyed a part of Valencia in Spain. This region is world renown for its delicious and juicy oranges grown in plentiful groves along its vast land. Valencia is a 2,000 year old city in Spain that boasts of years of Moorish culture through many such structures and monuments.

History preserved

There are excellently preserved Moorish baths called ‘Abd-al-Malik Baths’ which the locals call Baños del Almirante. It simply means Admiral's Baths. Further Moorish culture can be observed at broken walls that surround Valencia Kingdom from 12th century that runs along Salinas Street.

This city has plenty of history and culture to offer from its magnificent Gothic architecture such as the renowned Metropolitan Cathedral which was built in 1262, and the city’s famous 14th century Gothic belfry that is octagonal in shape. This historical bell tower is nicknamed Little Michael and stands high as the city’s landmark. There are 207 steps to conquer before being rewarded with a stunning city view.

The amazing historical Valencia Cathedral stands majestically in the old section of the city which houses the SEU museum; it is the oldest cathedral in this city that houses the Holy Grail more reverently referred to as the Holy Chalice of Valencia. Another exciting historical building is the church tower of Santa Catalina also placed in the historical part of this city which stands as the city’s landmark. La Longa is another must-see historical site which was once busy with silk trading.


Festivals abound in Valencia today with the March Fallas which goes on for a full week. This is a very popular festival enjoyed by all people as large papier-mâché shapes are used in bonfires with fireworks lighting the sky at night. The air is fouled with gunpowder from all the firework festivity. This festival was originally set up to dispose of accumulated carpentry trash but today, creative pieces of sculptures are formed so they can be set ablaze.

Other festivals celebrated in Valencia are religiously slanted as in the celebration of the Christian Re-Conquest, where mock fights are displayed to enact the battles between Christians and Moors.


Valencia is a very exciting city with many attractions to lure any visitor. One such popular attraction is the Arts and Sciences center with the city’s astounding Aquarium nearby. This Aquarium proves to be Europe’s biggest aquarium and marine attraction.

A stunning complex by Felix Candela houses these attractions together with a planetarium, the city’s science museum, beautiful gardens and the city’s own grand opera building.

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Spain, an interesting country

One of the most beautiful places to visit is definitely the southern part of the European continent; out of all the countries in Europe, Spain is the one which can be proud of having the best panoramas and most beautiful vacation resorts. Furthermore, there are also some much visited coasts and islands that tourists love. The Canary Isles are one of the most popular vacation islands in the world. This archipelago is famous for its night clubs, lovely beaches and crowded shops.

Playa de las Americas

This place in the Canary Islands is very appropriate for younger people. There are many bars and pubs where you can have a lot of fun and spend some memorable time with your friends. The nightlife here is very busy and you have the impression that it is a place which doesn’t sleep. In the surroundings of this magnificent resort, there are many hotels which offer you everything you need to have the best holiday: good services, amazing landscapes, spas, swimming pools and many other attractions. Once you are here, don’t miss the water park. It is one of the best water parks in Spain; you’ll have a lot of fun and the prices are not too high. Don’t forget to take pictures, as those are all we have from a great vacation.

The attractions of Playa de las Americas

It is clear: the Canary Isles and Playa de las Americas are places for the new generation. However, if you travel with your family or you just need a relaxing holiday more than a very busy one, this is also a good place to do that. If you are in Spain and you also want to visit this part of the Canary Isles, then you should inform yourself before booking the tickets. You will learn many things about these places and will avoid unpleasant moments. For example, while travelling here, you should know that there are also hotels or villas for those who need peace and quiet; if you choose the wrong place your vacation will be a mess. As long as you choose a place perfect for your needs, then your Spanish holiday will be the best one you’ve ever had! As for eating and drinking in this place, you must know that tradition makes its presence known here: restaurants where you can taste the Spanish dishes and bars that serve tapas will definitely be something you’ll love.

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Costa Calma- a beautiful place

Costa Calma is one of the numerous beautiful places in Spain, a resort very popular among tourists. The fact that it is situated very close to Fuerteventura airport, just 80 kilometres away, makes it very accessible for tourists from all over the world. Most of the tourists are young couples or families with children who choose Costa Calma because it is a very relaxing place, having a lot of attractions for all tastes. The main attraction in Costa Calma is represented by the beaches which have wonderfully delicate sand. They are so numerous that they usually don’t get crowded, even if it is the peak summer. Costa Calma does not have a lot of tourism history in its past, as it was only 1977 when the first hotel opened in this resort. Almost a decade later a new road was being given use from Puerto Del Rosario, making the resort easier to access. Canada del Rio is the centre around which the beautiful resort of Costa Calma was built. There was a lot of attention given in transforming the resort from a conglomerate of bricks and this is why Costa Calma is a place full of green spaces, a place where you can really relax and enjoy your holiday.

Wandering in Costa Calma

As you have read before, the main attraction in Costa Calma is represented by the beach, which is situated around a bay. The name of the resort comes from the fact that the water here is very calm all the time, which makes it such a popular destination among tourists who have children. If you want to have some part of the action while on holiday, you can leave the calm beach of Costa Calma for a day and choose the Sotavento Beach; this is a place where the wind blows perfectly for windsurfing. This beach belongs to Morro Jable, which is very close to Costa Calma. Some go there just to admire the beautiful view of the volcano which stands guard over the beach. Of course if you are in a Spanish resort, shopping is necessary; the shopping centres at your disposal have interesting products, many of which are traditional. The night life is not very active here, but there are a few bars and pubs where you can spend some pleasant hours. So choose Costa Calma, as it will definitely offer you a very nice holiday.

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The quiet little village of Tarifa is spacious as it spans over Moorish walls. But in the mid-1980s, this quiet village rose for the wrong reasons – an abnormally high rate of suicide encouraged by the strong winds blowing around the town and its surrounding.

But it has turned into a highly preferred holiday resort which caused it to prosper and bloom as it became the best windsurfing spot in Europe. Windsurfing equipment is easily available for rent and sale in the sports shops along the town’s main street with many windsurfing competitions the whole year round. Hence, the town is developing quickly but it is still a pleasant place to visit or try windsurfing here.

Historical discoveries

There are many amazing historical sites that are worth exploring if you are not keen on windsurfing. The 15th century San Mateo church boasts a unique Baroque architectural front but a Gothic interior which opens daily for visitors’ viewing. The Castillo de Guzman represents the struggle of many battles for getting a foothold on Spain by its enemies. Tarifa’s renowned commander, Guzmán el Bueno, brilliantly defended the town during the 1292 Moorish siege, although with much tragedy and drama.

New attraction

Tarifa’s new and popular attraction is the spotting of whales and dolphins at the Strait of Gibraltar. Daily excursions are available from the town harbor. The price may be quite high but it offers another free trip if no sighting is made during the first trip. Advanced bookings are required from Whale Watch or FIRMM, which are non-profit organizations.

The tourist information centre or turismo is located at Paseo la Alameda central; it offers maps and other information on the town such as accommodation, which are plentiful in Tarifa except in the summer when huge crowds come in from everywhere for windsurfing.

Other attractions

Basic amenities are available in this quaint developing town such as bus station and supermarket. There are a lot of campsites for the young and the adventurous instead of hotel accommodation. Many visitors take advantage of the mountainous areas by exploring them on mountain bikes or horse rides. One can occupy the time with visits to the local ganaderías which are breeding ranches or get a real bull fight experience at one of the town’s famous toros bravos.


There are plenty of restaurants and hotels which serve excellent cuisine in this town; some are more affordable than others. There are plenty of bars and bistros for those who would love a pint or two. The place is filled with plenty of windsurfers' hang-out spots at which locals love to gather and enjoy some tapas. You can also find some bars which provide internet facility to stay connected with the rest of the world over a pint of beer.

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